Why VLMS Healthcare

About VLMS Healthcare: Our Mission and Values.

Putting clients as paramount to develop a relationship that lasts forever.

Streamlining your RCM, clinical and administrative tasks at the same time is complex and we understand this. When it comes to the next-generation healthcare system, VLMS Global Healthcare is a prominent name. We have handled several complex business situations and took them to the next level.

We value business relationships

We understand that relationships we nurture and forge are more than just to enable organizational success or patient experience. The base of any relationship is trust and we ensure seamless medical coding and billing services along with streamlined revenue cycle management. Our RCM solutions redefine your revenue cycle that minimizes denials and maximizes your claims and reimbursements.

Why VLMS Healthcare
Why VLMS Healthcare

What We Do

Working with the leading next-generation technology that helps in better outcomes.

As an industry leader in tech-enabled RCM, coding and billing services, VLMS Global Healthcare helps healthcare providers, payers and healthcare stakeholders to attain the triple goals: improved patient care, low cost-of-care and high returns of investments.

With more than 7 years of average experience and proven excellence as a full-service partner, we relate our success with yours. We have been a part of various big scale projects and wrapped them with exceptional outcomes for our clients.

  • 500+ employee headcount with extensive trainings and skills
  • 98% class leading accuracy
  • 95% time to target results
  • 100% secured services
Commiment VLMS Healthcare
Our Commitment

VLMS Global Healthcare takes pride in being a cultural-driven company with some root values. We are inspired by these values in our functions and decisions.

Empowered customer service
We serve our clients with utmost ethics and we are proud to meet and exceed expectations of our clients. Our dedicated all time support focuses on service quality.

We direct our team to be transparent and honest with the clients about the services and policies. Our belief in transparency as trust can only be achieved when honesty is at the root.

Strategic collaboration
Our collaborations are not based on plane philosophies, we always collaborate with our clients with strategic moves. This way we ensure the highest benefits of our services to our clients in any manner.

Our purpose

Our Purpose is to “Be the most respected healthcare business process and IT services team in the world”.