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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) encompasses any device that delivers therapeutic benefits to patients suffering from certain medical conditions or illnesses. To qualify for coverage, DME must be deemed medically necessary, prescribed by a healthcare professional, and authorized in advance. DME billing distinguishes itself from standard medical billing due to its complexity, requiring specialized knowledge of HCPCS Level II codes and a thorough understanding of the DME reimbursement procedures.

The complexity of DME billing presents unique challenges. With a trend towards renting rather than purchasing costly medical equipment, it is critical for billers and coders to master:

  • Coding claims based on rental or purchase status
  • Billing requirements and
  • Timely claim submission for accurate reimbursement.
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Our DME Billing Services

At VLMSHealthcare.com, our team of experienced billers and coders is adept at managing your DME claims efficiently. We grasp the intricacies of the industry and ensure a successful start to your revenue cycle. Our comprehensive DME billing services include:

  • Eligibility Verification & Prior Authorization
  • Patient Demographics Entry
  • Order Entry
  • HCPCS Level II Coding & Modifiers
  • Claims Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable & Denial Management
  • Credit Balance Resolution

VLMSHealthcare.com’s DME Revenue Cycle Management Process

We proficiently handle your backend operations, ensuring first-time claim approvals for quicker collections.

Step 1
A healthcare provider identifies a DME requirement essential for specialized patient care. Proper documentation must be prepared to establish medical necessity. We streamline the claim submission process by compiling all necessary medical review documents, thereby minimizing delays.

Step 2
Following a provider's prescription for specific DME, the patient must acquire their equipment from a DME supplier. Our team verifies eligibility and secures prior authorization (if necessary) for the usage of the DME supplies. Once the documentation is finalized and approved, the DME supplier equips the patient with the necessary apparatus.

Step 3
Our professionals then allocate the appropriate HCPCS Level II codes and process the DME claims with the patient’s insurance provider. We ensure every component and accessory of the equipment is accurately coded, and all requisite paperwork is submitted to the insurer to secure payment of the DME claim.

Step 4
Our accounts receivable management team diligently follows up on the claim to ensure timely and correct payments are made.

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