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Privacy Policy: Our Commitment to Protecting Your Information

When you visit the website VLMS Global Healthcare, you agree to the following content on this page

VLMS Global Healthcare prioritizes the protection of your information. Please take your time to go through this privacy statement (‘the Policy’) as it comprises critical insights about how we manage your personal data. When "we," "us," or "VLMS Global Healthcare" is mentioned in this Policy, it refers to VLMS Global Healthcare and all of its group entities that function under the VLMS Global Healthcare brand mentioned above.

You may connect with our customer support by filling out the form, sharing an email to sales@vlmsglobal.com, or sending a letter to the following address: 1015 15th Street NW #600, Washington DC, 20005 USA.

This privacy policy sketches out our data collection and utilization practices along with your options and legal rights related to how we manage your personal data. This Policy outlines how we utilize your data when you: Use or activate a user account or a license. Proclaim interest in any of our conferences or services, such as our extensions, emails, apps, webinars, and e-books, or join up for them. Login for and attend any event, either physically or virtually. When you also visit one of our websites (including our member-only and/or public websites), connect with us on social media, or use one of our mobile applications.

The data we acquire from you via our survey or other tools, as represented in in-depth details below, is covered by this Policy. Prior to taking part in a survey, you may be presented with an extra confidentiality notice. Please take note that the provisions of any such confidential notice that is new to a survey or diagnostic will always take priority over any terms in this Policy in circumstances where they contradict. We will not contact you for promotional purposes using the data we acquire through our survey or diagnostic tools.

Data we acquire about you

We acquire your data directly through you or through the sources listed below.
We take the following types of details about you:
Name, contact number, email address and corporate details are some of the examples.
Information given by you while publishing content on social media sites and interaction with you.

We employ this data for various purposes, such as :
Connecting with corporate clients and other professional connections to support the company, for example, to discuss vendor details or details of conferences or webinars.
For internal evaluation and research that helps us in creating cutting-edge products and services along with enhancing our current ones.
We distribute marketing collateral to business connections about our products that they would find interesting, to advertise our company and brand.
Managing our website, looking into any concerns, and dedicated customer support.
Keeping a track of social media posts to nurture customer relationships and represent our company and brand.

We collect data from user via our website, social media and our additional apps :
We take the following data about you:
Details submitted by you on our website, such as when you give your contact details, financial details, retaliate to online polls, or fill any feedback forms.
Details entered by you when you sign up for email service, newsletters, includes your name, email address, and work title.
Details shared by you while signing up for an online or member account, includes your name, professional or personal email address, work profile, organization name, address of the organization, direct phone number, image, and biographical information.
The login details for any web accounts you may have, together with details on how you use and like to utilize such services;
We attain details from your LinkedIn profile, including your display picture, as well as the links of websites you visit.

We use this details for a several other purposes, such as :
Improving your experience and use of our website, extensions, and apps through tailored services. Managing our website, extension, and applications.
Offering you the chance to retaliate with others depending on your qualifications and expertise.
Providing more centralized client service; looking into concerns and complaints.
Tracking social media posts to cultivate customer relationships and promote our company and brand.

Which personal information do we reveal?
When you give authorization to do so?
When you interact with a company exhibitor at an event or virtual conference.
To third parties in collaboration with us or working on those who need access to your information. These can be the auditors and attorneys who advise us professionally.
To stick to the law, protect individual rights, the protection of others, and to fulfill legitimate demands from public authorities.

Data subject rights
You may have some special rights with regards to your personal information under various circumstances. Please send an email to xxx@vlmsglobal.com to stop receiving promotional emails. Please fill out the form on our website if you would want to use any of your other rights, including viewing and deleting your personal information. Once we get your request to activate one of these rights, our team will get back to you promptly. In some cases, such as when there are many or time taking requests, this may be delayed.

We have employed several administrative, technological, and physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized tampering. We shall not guarantee the security of any information you put over our websites or applications. Despite these precautions, no data transfer over the Internet can be completely secure. We take necessary steps to ensure that only the team, consultants, and third parties who require access to information can use it to run, create, enhance, or execute our initiatives, product, and services

Our purpose

Our Purpose is to “Be the most respected healthcare business process and IT services team in the world”.