Prospective Risk Review

We used our AI-based tools for prospective clinical review before point of care. We interact with the physicians prior to the point of care to derive smart insights from the patient-physician interaction. Our team works with medical coders to generate information from clinical documentation that includes a patient's medical history, ongoing treatments, diagnostic reports, etc. Using these parameters of clinical documentation, we can deliver EMR integration, provider education, and other risk assessments.

As a leading provider of end-to-end Risk Adjustment solutions,
all partnerships include :

  • Real-time Risk DNA monitoring
  • Work with our team of risk adjustment physicians.
  • Committed and seasoned Risk Adjustment Account Managers.
  • Access to our efficient list of extensive health management tools
  • Prospective, Concurrent, and Retrospective HCC clinical-coding experts
  • Metamorphic data-based intelligence
  • Full risk and quality performance reporting data
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Prospective Risk Review Benefits

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Tech-driven clinical review

We work with technological tools for better clinical review from physicians. Precise insights from patient and physician interaction.

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Patient information gathering

Information collection about patients including ongoing treatment, medical history, diagnosis, reports, and others.

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Critical risk assessment

Get EMR integration, provider credentialing and other risk assessments using patient information.

Why VLMS Healthcare

VLMS Global Healthcare is your partner in tech-driven billing and coding solutions.

Putting clients as paramount to develop a relationship that lasts forever.

Streamlining your RCM, clinical and administrative tasks at the same time is complex and we understand this. When it comes to the next-generation healthcare system, VLMS Global Healthcare is a prominent name. We have handled several complex business situations and took them to the next level.

We value business relationships

We understand that relationships we nurture and forge are more than just to enable organizational success or patient experience. The base of any relationship is trust and we ensure seamless medical coding and billing services along with streamlined revenue cycle management. Our RCM solutions redefine your revenue cycle that minimizes denials and maximizes your claims and reimbursements.

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