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We are an ISO-certified firm with compliance for local data regulation legislations such as GDPR and CCPA. For a healthcare provider, the biggest concerns are data integration, data security, and data privacy. Thus, we have implemented innovative AI-based methods for member management and communications, all while ensuring data privacy. We ensure optimum member satisfaction and loyalty while keeping the cost at minimum.

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Member management benefits

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Improved care coordination

You are in control of structuring a care plan as per the patient’s medical needs and have efficient communication with the other teams in organization.

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Streamlined member information

You can have a consolidated look at member information for real-time access to member's health condition, medical history, and other parameters.

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Data-driven insights

Member management systems offers real-time analysis of patient information for informed decision-making and care plan

Why VLMS Healthcare

VLMS Global Healthcare is your partner in tech-driven billing and coding solutions.

Putting clients as paramount to develop a relationship that lasts forever.

Streamlining your RCM, clinical and administrative tasks at the same time is complex and we understand this. When it comes to the next-generation healthcare system, VLMS Global Healthcare is a prominent name. We have handled several complex business situations and took them to the next level.

We value business relationships

We understand that relationships we nurture and forge are more than just to enable organizational success or patient experience. The base of any relationship is trust and we ensure seamless medical coding and billing services along with streamlined revenue cycle management. Our RCM solutions redefine your revenue cycle that minimizes denials and maximizes your claims and reimbursements.

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VLMS Global Healthcare addresses data integration, security, and privacy concerns in member management by implementing innovative AI-based methods. As an ISO-certified firm with compliance for local data regulation legislations such as GDPR and CCPA, VLMS ensures the utmost security and privacy of member data. The organization focuses on efficient data integration, robust security measures, and strict privacy protocols to provide healthcare payers with a comprehensive and secure member management solution.
The key features of VLMS Global Healthcare's member management strategies for healthcare payers include efficacious invoice billing, eligibility and registration services, improved care coordination, streamlined member information access for real-time insights into health conditions and medical history, and data-driven insights. These features aim to enhance member satisfaction, loyalty, and cost-efficiency while ensuring effective member management.
VLMS Global Healthcare's member management system contributes to improved care coordination by providing healthcare payers with control over structuring care plans based on the patient's medical needs. The system facilitates efficient communication with other teams within the organization, ensuring seamless collaboration and coordination in delivering optimal healthcare services.
Healthcare payers gain several benefits from VLMS Global Healthcare's member management system, including improved care coordination, streamlined access to member information for real-time insights, and data-driven insights for informed decision-making and care plan formation. The system offers a consolidated view of member data, leading to enhanced member satisfaction, loyalty, and cost-effective member management.
VLMS Global Healthcare prioritizes trust and business relationships by putting clients at the forefront of its services. The organization values long-lasting relationships and understands that trust is crucial. By ensuring seamless member management services with a focus on security, privacy, and efficiency, VLMS Global Healthcare aims to redefine the member management process for healthcare payers, minimizing challenges and maximizing the overall effectiveness of member care.

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