Concurrent Risk Review

Concurrent review enables medical coders to access EHR systems and HCC codes within real-time before submitting the claims to the payer. It uses technological support to enable medical coders to have a real-time view of the EHR system. You can rely on our concurrent risk review process for HCC capture and HEDIS review.

Our concurrent risk review services :

  • Provider queries
  • Missed opportunity disclosure
  • HCC capture
  • HEDIS review
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Concurrent Risk Review Benefits

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Improved Technology

You will get enhanced technical support for seamless coding and real-time EHR management.

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EHR system access

Coders will be able to access EHR systems and HCC codes for better claims management and submission.

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HEDIS Review

Earn a great way to identify gaps in healthcare network performance and care

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VLMS Global Healthcare is your partner in tech-driven billing and coding solutions.

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Streamlining your RCM, clinical and administrative tasks at the same time is complex and we understand this. When it comes to the next-generation healthcare system, VLMS Global Healthcare is a prominent name. We have handled several complex business situations and took them to the next level.

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We understand that relationships we nurture and forge are more than just to enable organizational success or patient experience. The base of any relationship is trust and we ensure seamless medical coding and billing services along with streamlined revenue cycle management. Our RCM solutions redefine your revenue cycle that minimizes denials and maximizes your claims and reimbursements.

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Frequently asked questions

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VLMS Global Healthcare specializes in providing advanced billing and coding solutions for healthcare payers. Our team of CPC-certified medical coders is dedicated to updating databases with the latest compliance standards to improve claim rates.
We focus on process innovation and digital transformation to enhance outcomes. Our specialized services include medical coding, claims management, provider network data management, and member management. We prioritize accuracy in medical coding to avoid denials and maximize reimbursements.
Our claims management solutions ensure revenue for healthcare organizations by reducing days in A/R through a well-thought claim filing process. We provide 24x7 active claims settlement support, vigorous pre-arbitration support, and efficient claims conversion and repricing.
We offer innovative medical coding solutions to streamline revenue cycle management. Our CPC-certified coders use leading software and encoder technology to reduce denials and ensure accurate coding. This leads to improved cash flow, reduced costs, and mitigation of risks while ensuring compliance.
Provider directories are crucial for referrals, claim filing, credentialing, collaborations, and network management. VLMS Healthcare excels in managing precise provider data, ensuring accurate claims submissions, and offering improved service satisfaction through real-time access to provider information. These FAQs provide a comprehensive overview of VLMS Healthcare's services and their commitment to tech-driven solutions, compliance, and building lasting relationships with clients.

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