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Are you facing difficulties in increasing profitability in your bustling urgent care practice? With the growing prevalence of urgent care facilities, the billing landscape is rapidly changing and becoming increasingly complex. Without a deep understanding of urgent care revenue cycle management, businesses risk not securing the reimbursement they rightfully deserve.

At VLMSHealthcare.com, we specialize in urgent care billing, offering tailored services designed to meet the specific needs of each organization. Our team of billing and coding experts prioritizes compliance, accuracy, and timely reimbursements, ensuring that urgent care providers can focus on patient care without the hassle of coding issues, claim filing, or receivables follow-up.

Challenges in Urgent Care Billing

Navigating urgent care billing can be intricate. Effective revenue cycle management in urgent care requires meticulous monitoring and management of every facet of the billing and coding process. Common challenges include improper documentation, incorrect coding, and missing charges, all of which can lead to significant reimbursement delays and losses.

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Our Solution

Opt to outsource your urgent care billing needs to VLMSHealthcare.com. Our process begins right at the front desk. Unlike other centers, urgent care facilities often lack a pre-registration system, requiring the front desk to immediately capture essential patient details for billing upon arrival. Recognizing the urgency of care needed, we streamline the process to minimize billing discrepancies from the start. Our services include obtaining prior authorizations swiftly, encouraging patients to sign financial responsibility affidavits before treatment, and meticulously updating medical records with all relevant treatment details for accurate coding and claim submission.

VLMSHealthcare.com’s Revenue Cycle Management Process

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Medical Coding

Our certified medical coders accurately assign codes for each diagnosis and procedure, ensuring providers receive proper reimbursement.

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Medical Billing

Our billing professionals manage charge entries, claim submissions, and payment postings, maintaining strict compliance throughout.

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Accounts Receivable & Denial Management:

Our AR team diligently tracks claims to secure timely payments and swiftly handles any rejections or denials to optimize your reimbursements.

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Clinical Documentation Improvement:

We ensure that all clinical documentation is thorough and accurate, enhancing billing and coding precision, reducing denials, and maximizing revenue.

Urgent Care Coding Services

  • Level I / Triage (Minor Issues): Includes evaluation and management services without additional diagnostic testing.
  • Level II / Intermediate (Moderate Issues): Covers services such as injections, vaccines, and splinting alongside standard evaluation and management.
  • Level III / Complex Care (Severe Issues): Involves more intensive treatments like IV infusions, suturing alongside evaluation, and management services.

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