Effective Medical Records Management for Healthcare Providers

  • Written by Ashley Mark
  • Friday 3rd March 2023
Effective Medical Records Management for Healthcare Providers VLMS Healthcare

Medical records management is a critical practice in healthcare services. It is a practice and an essential requirement for any healthcare business to run smoothly and effectively.  Maintaining health records has always been tedious, but it has evolved according to time. The emergence of technological advancements and innovations has helped a lot to manage and retain health records. As per the guidelines of US federal law, the maintenance and management of healthcare records are to be retained for seven to ten years. This is too crucial for the very medical practitioner.  

Sorted and integrated health records have many advantages. Practitioners will not have to struggle for finding data or health records for a particular patient if he is visiting after months. With organized data on health records, physicians may be able to take informed and accurate decisions. It also helps in analyzing patient history and deciding on further treatment. Medical records management also helps in the reliable billing and coding process and facilitates achieving maximum reimbursement for the claim. Therefore building a special team to handle medical records management productively is equally important for any practice and physician.

Nevertheless, most healthcare providers take indexing medical records and medical records management for granted by maintaining patient record poorly, misplaced, or not tracked appropriately. This enables the pushing of the physician to go through uncalled circumstances and minimizing the quality of patient care and impacting their bottom line. To seal the proper medical record-keeping, it is significant to adapt to a strategic and streamlined approach. Having an experienced and committed team or partner medical billing partner to handle this will offer better results as discussed below:

  • Make sure all records and reports are correct, clean, and credible. 
  • Proper adherence to safety and compliance in managing patient health records. 
  • Categorize and manage medical reports in the required numbers to get quick retention as and when required.
  • Top-class technological implementation to gain the best out of the process.
  • Excellent medical billing and coding quality with smooth access to patient health records and medical history.
  • Increased reimbursement and collections. 

Medical records management has reached new heights with the introduction of mobile electronic medical records (EMR) and Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR). This new technological innovation has helped in correct and complete documentation. The providers can now perform the transcription or patient charting with access to their mobile. This helps in avoiding delays leading to lost information.

Medical records management is a significant aspect of patient care, medical billing, and the coding process. Any loophole or lag in handling medical records appropriately can lead to major breaks. In some cases, the major reason for fraud is also because of the nonhandling of medical reports or not having access to the medical report at the right time. Now with the innovations in Mobile EHR, such risks could be solved with conscious efforts like outsourcing medical records management to a healthcare services partner.

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