Comprehensive Healthcare Services Offered by VLMS Global

  • Written by Yash Rajan
  • Monday 5th September 2022
Comprehensive Healthcare Services Offered by VLMS Global VLMS Healthcare

When it comes to medical services, the name VLMS Healthcare comes to mind as one of the top medical service providers. We guarantee that we will provide the best services possible to our consumers. This is what has made us one of the most reputable medical service providers. Our service portfolio is smart and distinguished. We make certain that our consumers do not have any difficulties in their hunt for the ideal solutions. VLMS Healthcare's services showcase the impression of our honesty and trustworthiness. Our loyal clientele has grown as a result of our superior service and accuracy since our start. VLMS Healthcare is a forward-thinking company that helps businesses increase efficiency. This allows organisations to concentrate on treating their patients. Our industry-leading technologies help medical organisations enhance their income streams all across the world. Our cornerstone is innovation, and we believe in designing solutions and services to meet our clients' demands. Customer service and happiness are at the top of our priority list. We have never compromised on service quality and have made certain that none of our customers are unsatisfied.

What do we offer ?

Medical Coding Services
Our medical coding services are unique because we have a pool of professionals who specialise in medical coding. Our team of professionals converts medical records into a shortcode that is often used in the healthcare business. This enables clients in condensing usually time-consuming medical reports into concise, data-friendly codes. Our medical coders are in charge of converting medical reports into meaningful medical codes.

Medical Billing
Medical billing is not a difficulty for us. We've also reached a level of excellence in medical billing. There hasn't been a single milestone that our medical billing team hasn't met. The results we deliver to our clients are always welcomed since we listen to them and establish a conversation about what they are searching for. On the other side, our medical billers review and follow up on claims filed to healthcare third parties for reimbursement of services delivered by a healthcare provider.

AR Management
Our professional team is available to assist with AR management. Everything linked to accounts receivable is managed and checked on a regular basis by the staff. We ensure that payments are made on time or even ahead of schedule, as requested by our clients. Our team identifies denied/unpaid claims and re-fills them with the least amount of AR days possible.

Denial Management and Appeals
One of the most critical tasks in Accounts Receivable management is determining the underlying reason for claim denials. And, absolutely, we are capable of managing and handling any situation. Our team is well-versed in determining the cause for claim rejection, correcting the claims, and resubmitting them as soon as possible. We also look at denial trends and come up with strategies to prevent denials in the future.

The services do not end here. We believe in offering more and more so that clients are satisfied and never face any issues and problems. Our services also include charge posting and eligibility verifications.

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