Effective Medical Record Management Strategies for Revenue Gain

  • Written by Ashley Mark
  • Wednesday 5th April 2023
Effective Medical Record Management Strategies for Revenue Gain VLMS Healthcare

Time-to-time management of medical records is crucial to driving revenue cycle management. Health record management is also vital for managing patient history at the time of need. Not only limited to patient history and revenue cycle management, medical record management facilitates effective medical billing and coding cycles. Avoiding medical record management not only disturbs patient management but also imprints a bad effect on claims and reimbursements. Therefore, medical record management is essential for revenue cycle management. 

Understanding the role and vitality of medical records and their importance in offering the right and quality care treatment is critical to seal the safe and secure management of records. This is why many governments are making it mandatory for hospitals and healthcare providers to maintain patient health records at least for 7-10 years. Let’s understand how medical records management upkeeps patient care and medical billing. 

  • Medical Records are mainly required to offer quality treatment and credible medical billing.
  • Inaccurate and default medical records can give stress patients from understanding patients health history. Therefore, it affects the quality of medical procedures and treatment rendered.
  • Full and precise medical records are equally crucial for medical billing and quality claims processing for increased first-pass ratio and a high rate of reimbursement.
  • Insufficient documentation or lack of accurate medical reports can take you to claim denials which may lead to a loss of payment for the healthcare facility
  • .Arranged and sorted medical reports will raise the standard of quality in patient care and intensify RCM services. It also leads to an easy backup of old reports when required, thereby streamlining day-to-day tasks in medical procedures.

Advantages of medical records management

Now, many health facilities all over the world have moved to electronic medical records. With this, medical professionals are experiencing simplification of medical record management practices. It is suggested that every medical facility should opt for electronic health record implementation for better management of all tasks. With the integration of such technological advancements in healthcare facilities, revenue cycle management also becomes sorted. Benefits of applying an electronic medical records management system are:

  • Upkeeping and safeguarding medical documents or other related reports from getting misplaced.
  • Easy availability of all records as per the need. 
  • Accurate indexing and management of medical records in order. 
  • Centralized management of all records and documents such as billing summaries, test reports, patient details, prescriptions, claims, and insurance details.

Outsourcing medical records management

Managing and upkeeping records and reports is a complex process. It requires time-to-time checks and maintenance. Healthcare providers are more focused on revenue generation after all that’s the only sole objective. Outsourcing medical records management will keep everything on track and physicians can concentrate on other tasks like strategies framing and others. 

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