How automation may enhance your patient database

  • Written by Yash Rajan
  • Monday 5th September 2022
How automation may enhance your patient database
 VLMS Healthcare

The patient experience and patient collections are enhanced when robotic process automation is used in the healthcare system. What makes automation an essential key to success?
In order to better care for patients, the healthcare sector is developing to accommodate remote healthcare. Due to the pandemic's high demand for healthcare personnel, there is a need to automate procedures and relieve the strain on the overburdened healthcare staff.
According to research, the current pandemic has led to a scarcity of all healthcare professionals, including 41,900 radiologists, pathologists, and neurologists and 28,700 surgical experts.

There is a lack of primary care physicians as a result of COVID-19. Many senior and older doctors had trouble providing digital treatment. It was due to telehealth and remote patient monitoring, which resulted in early retirements and a burden on the healthcare workforce.

Physician burnout is an issue as the number of caregivers increases, which might lead to:

  • Overlooked disease progression

  • Increased errors

  • Missed red flags

  • Delayed care delivery

By expanding the number of healthcare professionals at every facility and reducing the workload on the ones that already exist, such serious gaps in care may be closed. The best option to maximize treatment while earning enough money for doctors and private healthcare facilities is through automation of practices.

Methods to enhance patient collection

Many departments continue to use filling methods that use paper, which were first introduced in the 1960s. However, COVID-19 made these colored patient record cards more efficient by incorporating digital record keeping.

The pandemic struck first, and then telehealth, electronic health record systems, and remote patient monitoring compelled medicare to change the codes for remote healthcare services. All of this increased the necessity of automating processes.

You should use automated solutions to increase patient collections at your practice for the following reasons:

  • Better patient care

  • Early disease detection

  • Accurate diagnostics

  • Lesser denials and reimbursement issues

  • Increased return on investment (ROI)

  • Full transparency

  • Data privacy

  • Increased physical space

Reduced denial and reimbursement problems

Most healthcare facilities that have added software assistance to their traditionally manual processes as a result of the pandemic still rely on individual software control. Interoperability is one of the main problems here. Stand-alone RCMs are used by over a quarter of healthcare institutions. These either require human verification or are difficult to link with other electronic health data.

The prior verification function of VLMS Global Healthcare makes sure that all relevant reimbursement authorization for emergency operations are obtained before providing service. By updating payment flow charts, this will help the medical practice and reduce the number of erroneous claims.

Superior patient care

Increased patient retention benefits the practice because of higher patient satisfaction. Nearly half of patient treatment relies only on follow-ups and is either virtual (telehealth, e-prescription) or remote (remote patient monitoring, chronic care monitoring). The service providers might gain a lot by automating these services by-

  • Less staff burnout resulting in better care for individual patients

  • High-density patient care is improved

  • No warning signs are missed in critical patients

  • Lowering overwhelming caregiver’s burden

  • Auto-manage repetitive tasks

Complete patient transparency’

A proactive staffing strategy will reduce patients who are strapped for cash, saving money. Patients will experience less bill-related rage if all information is readily available and placed in front of them during service. In-hand payments are thus not delayed.

TThe VLMS Global Healthcare patient portal displays all outstanding balances as well as deductible choices to ensure smooth invoicing. This attests to complete patient transparency and increased payment success rates. A time-saving automated system offers patients a thorough screening choice. Patients are far more happy when they can regulate their requirements.

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