How cloud faxing helps stay HIPAA compliant?

  • Written by Yash Rajan
  • Monday 5th September 2022
How cloud faxing helps stay HIPAA compliant?
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Sharing data is an important part of the doctor-patient interaction, and ensuring that data stays safe and secured is not just beneficial for enterprise, but also mandated by HIPAA. Since it is omnipresent and universal, confidential, legally enforceable, trustworthy, and identifiable, faxing continues to be one of the most important interaction tools for healthcare companies. Enterprises across all sectors are proceeding to strive for IP convergence, which involves leveraging the internet to send all types of data and implementing integrated communications to provide seamless interactions across numerous platforms. Fax over IP (FoIP) is a component of an IP convergence plan that includes leveraging the web to transfer all types of information and implementing unified telecommunications for sustained communications across numerous devices.

Advanced security measures are provided through a secure cloud fax service, providing ultimate secrecy of delicate medical records.

With the capability to safely achieve and maintain an audit trail of all fax interactions, healthcare businesses adopting cloud fax may ensure HIPAA compliance.

If remaining on the correct side of HIPAA compliance wasn't enough, cloud fax also saves organizations money by reducing hardware and administration costs, consolidating phone assets, and increasing faxing effectiveness, all of which contribute to that all-important healthy ROI.

Cloud faxing's advantages in healthcare

Cloud faxing excels with its down-to-earth ease and intrinsic adaptability for healthcare institutions with large networking and various locales.

If needed, deployment may often be done in phases, one division and one fax machine at a time. Physical fax machines can be phased out over time to enable users to adjust to the new method and reduce downtime until a fully software-based fax infrastructure is in place.

Once set up, cloud faxing's quickness and ease of use will become prominent. Particular documents, such as a lab report, may be directed straight to a certain individual or department using an OCR routing mechanism.

The most common forms of electronic paperwork faxed are MS Word and PDF, although cloud faxing can accommodate a broad range of formats, which is highly useful. Every company and medical practitioner has its own set of data guidelines and favored file formats. Consumers of cloud fax don't have to worry about what sorts of electronic information they may send since they don't have to. Cloud fax saves time by removing the extra step of converting photos, slideshows, Rich Text Format, HTML, and other material formats before sending them.

Bottlenecks and lost faxes are common problems with older fax server systems due to channels stopping. Nevertheless, it is not unusual for a cloud faxing service to manage twice as much incoming and outgoing faxing as its predecessors. Cloud faxing is managed by fax professionals that know how to keep their network running at peak speed, effectively future-proofing the service and leaving with nothing to worry about in terms of network improvements.

The most effective cloud faxing systems can transmit and retrieve tens of thousands of faxes every day. In the event of a software malfunction or breakdown, cloud faxing also provides robust architectures that assure service continuation.

HIPAA compliance may be the most essential factor in convincing healthcare firms to convert to a protected cloud faxing service, but there are many other advantages that add to comprehensive administrative efficiency, such as cost cutting and system compatibility.

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