Utilizing Cloud Faxing for HIPAA Compliance

  • Written by Yash Rajan
  • Monday 5th September 2022
Utilizing Cloud Faxing for HIPAA Compliance VLMS Healthcare

Data sharing is an essential part of the doctor-patient interaction, and HIPAA mandates that this information be kept private, safe, and away from illegal access. Because it is common and universal, secure, enforceable by law, trustworthy, and traceable, faxing is still a vital tool for healthcare organisations. Businesses across all sectors are working to leverage IP convergence, transmit all types of information over the internet, and use unified communications to maintain consistency in communications across various devices. To reap the benefits of IP convergence, use the internet to send all types of information, and embrace unified communications for constant communications across numerous devices, enterprises in every industry are implementing fax over IP (FoIP).

The T.38 protocol, which was created expressly to address the fax signalling problems brought on by Voice-over-IP and SIP-based phone services, has solved the Quality of Service (QoS) difficulties with cloud faxing reliability. Advanced security measures are offered by a secure cloud fax service, guaranteeing complete secrecy for private medical records.
With the potential to discreetly store and provide an audit trail of all fax transactions, cloud fax ensures HIPAA compliance for healthcare enterprises.
If maintaining HIPAA compliance wasn't already enough of a relief for practises, cloud fax also offers comfort by lowering hardware and hardware maintenance costs, consolidating telephone resources, and increasing faxing efficiency, all of which contribute to that sometimes elusive good ROI.

Benefits of cloud faxing in healthcare
It is essential to handle paperwork properly in the busy healthcare sector. Confidentiality shouldn't be sacrificed in order to meet an urgent requirement. Fortunately, cloud faxing can assist in achieving both of those objectives by-

  • Enabling safe document transmissions for healthcare organisations
  • IT systems for the health sector that support faxing are appropriate for HIPAA compliance and FoIP medical records.
  • Assisting companies in quicker access to patient information that is time-sensitive.
  • Automating the distribution, reception, and tracking of sensitive papers like medical records.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness in the handling of medical claims and billing.

With its practical ease and built-in flexibility, cloud faxing stands out for healthcare institutions with extensive networks and many locations

Installation may frequently be done in phases, if necessary one department and one fax machine at a time. As people become used to the new method and there is less disturbance, physical fax machines may be gradually phased out until a 100% software-based fax infrastructure is complete.

The most common digital document formats that are faxed are frequently MS Word and PDF, however cloud faxing can handle a broad range of formats, which is quite advantageous. Every industry, including business and healthcare, has its own data standards and preferred file formats.

Users of cloud fax services do not have to worry about being restricted from sending certain types of digital data. By removing the extra step of needing to convert photos, powerpoint, Rich Text Format, HTML, and other document formats before pressing the transmit button, cloud fax helps you save time.

Numerous faxes may be sent and received each day using the best cloud faxing services. Additionally, cloud faxing offers robust infrastructures that guarantee service continuity in the event of a software issue or malfunction.

Cloud faxing stands out because of its capacity to monitor and track faxes, including automated reception alerts, fax resending, and automatic archiving. Even fax use data may be analysed by your IT department to improve efficiency.

Although HIPAA compliance may be the most crucial factor in convincing healthcare firms to convert to a secure cloud faxing solution, there are numerous additional advantages that improve overall operational effectiveness, such as cost savings and system integration.

When it comes to deploying cloud faxing for HIPAA compliance, VLMS Healthcare is the ideal partner. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their HIPAA compliance is successful at all times. Additionally, we offer a broad range of services in our portfolio that are helping our clients succeed.

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