The Importance of Charge Entry in Medical Billing

  • Written by Yash Rajan
  • Monday 5th September 2022
The Importance of Charge Entry in Medical Billing VLMS Healthcare

The creation of claims takes place during charge entry, which is one of the most significant processes in the medical billing process. In order to obtain maximum compensation, avoid claim denials and rejections, enhance billing efficiency, and maximize cash flow, accurate charge input is crucial in optometric billing. Before users file vision programs and medical insurance claims, they should concentrate on inputting error-free patient demographics with a comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) system that incorporates an effective charge entry process. Let's look at how these handy suggestions can help us better handle the charge entry procedure.

Charge entry in brief Whenever we file a vision plan or medical insurance claim, we must enter appropriate medical billing data and allocate diagnostic codes, process codes, and modifiers.

A single blunder could conclude in a claim being rejected or refused, costing in thousands of dollars in lost compensation. Medical claim mistakes can also lead to disagreements and harm the patient-provider relationship.

Ways to administer the Charge Entry Process

Input proper patient information
Operational errors account for the bulk of claim denials. Check the patient's name, ID, gender, birthdate, SSN, residence, contact information, guarantor information, and insurance information.

Ensure that the supplier has been authorized by the vision plan or the insurance payer Ensure to file and track supplier certifications and re-credentialing requests in accordance with the standards of your insurance plan. Take it a step further by frequently following up with insurance payers to verify that suppliers are registered "in-network" when registration is available.

Verify the information of the pre-authorization
Check to examine if a previous permission number is required before seeing the client. On the insurance claim, make sure to provide the prior authorization information.

Validate the patient's suitability for services and advantages
Eligibility validation assures that insurance information is accurate and assists in determining how much a patient may owe. Offering more realistic cost projections to the patients will improve patient experience and prevent claim rejections in the future.

Charges are entered and claims are submitted on a daily basis
Don't put off submitting costs until later in the charge entry procedure; post charges the same day we deliver the patient with the services. It takes longer to file a medical claim or bill a patient if we wait too long to deposit charges.

For example, if the biller who is posting the charges misses a fee marked on an interaction form, or if the doctor neglects to mention all charges on the interaction, this will result in future medical billing issues.

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