Solving Staffing Challenges with Patient Self-Scheduling

  • Written by Ashley Mark
  • Friday 6th October 2023
Solving Staffing Challenges with Patient Self-Scheduling VLMS Healthcare

Staffing is slowly becoming a significant concern for the healthcare industry. It is expected that staffing shortages will continue to affect the industry and develop challenges for healthcare providers and patients. Staffing shortage is not only affecting healthcare inner operations but also affects patient appointment scheduling. It has been found that the reason for trouble in appointment scheduling turned out to be doctors were operating less in hours. 

Digital self-scheduling appointment systems help patients schedule appointments on time, even if the numbers are limited. The system enables patients to seamlessly schedule appointments for care when they feel they need it. Patients can easily schedule doctor's appointments for care during working hours, in the evening or late at night. Patients need not rely on front-desk executives or over-the-call appointments. 

A self-scheduling appointment system is a combination of digital registration and patient outreach. Furthermore, self-scheduling also reduces complexities that may arise in patient journeys. It also makes everything easier for patients, such as access to care, visit preparation, and appointment confirmations with no cancellations. 

Scheduling accurately is necessary

Due to the increasing staff and resource shortages, healthcare providers are stressed to optimize patient appointment scheduling. The scenario is that some doctors are only available a few days a week. They may only see new patients on certain days of the visit. Scheduling helps in knowing these details about doctors and helping patients with the care they need. Digital solutions help in simplifying complex schedules while also making inventory available at the same time. 

Digitalization will help patients do it themselves

Digitalization has been impacting the world positively, and individuals are opting for easy access services. More than 90% of the patients want easier access to care with digital self-scheduling tools. This fact is new as people are shifting towards digital services and prefer to opt for services merged with digitalization. The integration of self-scheduling services will enable the majority of consumers to easily fix their appointments themselves. 

Opening digital services such as appointment scheduling, registration, and doctor information reduces and manages the staff shortage challenges and impresses patients. Digital services are great options for various patients as they manage and work according to their calendars digitally. Enabling appointment reminder messages and emails is a bonus point to help patients. 

Digital scheduling options are effective in combating the staff shortage challenge

Patient self-scheduling and other digital service options help healthcare providers serve patients in a better way while enhancing their own operational efficiency. Digital solutions can reduce the burnout or burden on frontline staff or customer care centers of hospitals. It also minimizes the chances of human errors in patient detailing and insurance information. Patient identification and insurance details are crucial for claims management, and healthcare providers cannot afford errors in these critical details. 

Digital scheduling and other services also play a crucial role in bringing in new patients. The system asks a series of questions related to patient care and offers solutions based on that. The need for digital services and automation is intensifying as patients look for internet and digital options. Healthcare providers need to transform their operations and implement streamlined processes that are beneficial to both patients and providers. 

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