Advantages of Medical Coding for Healthcare Facilities

  • Written by Ashley Mark
  • Friday 4th August 2023
Advantages of Medical Coding for Healthcare Facilities VLMS Healthcare

Medical coding is an essential part of any healthcare facility, as without it, no healthcare services provider can operate smoothly. It is the most critical part of accurate medical billing. To deeply understand medical coding is the conversion and evolution of healthcare treatments, diagnoses, and medical services into universal alphanumeric codes. The codes related to diagnoses and treatment are acquired from medical records documentation such as translation of physician's notes, radiology, and lab results. 

Medical coding is vital in revenue cycle management and success for hospitals, physicians, and other medical professionals. It is directly linked to the medical billing process, which directly impacts health insurance, medical claim, and the revenue cycle. Medical coding professionals are responsible for ensuring that codes are accurately used and applied during medical billing, which includes extracting critical information from documents, assigning accurate codes, and preparing a claim for reimbursement. 

What is medical coding and its purpose?

Simply understand, medical coding converts medical procedures, tests, and equipment into alphanumeric codes. VLMS Global Healthcare has a dedicated team of medical coders with relevant experience and expertise in applying codes for better medical billing and accurate reimbursement. Healthcare facilities either hire experienced medical coders or outsource the coding and billing to medical coding companies to keep the whole medical billing and claims submission process accurate and smooth. This process collaboratively improves revenue and encourages successful revenue cycle management. 

Medical coding eases medical records and helps healthcare professionals carry out efficient analyses to track patients' health records. It also helps patients to understand their medical bills and expenses for services provided. The primary motive of medical coding is to make everything sorted and as per convenient for patients. Some common types of codes are used by professional medical coders.

  • ICD10- CM-(International Classification of Disease 10th Revision Clinical Modification)
  • CPT- (Current Procedural Terminology) Codes ICD-10-PCS-(International Classification of Disease 10th Revision Procedural Coding System) Codes
  • HCPCS Codes (Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System) 

How medical coding helps hospitals and healthcare facilities?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities today are hiring a team of expert medical coders and billers for which they require a valid qualifications, experience, and skills. However, some hospitals and facilities prefer to outsource medical coding to an outsourcing partner. Outsourcing has become a trend as it reduces in-house costs and helps hospitals to focus more on patient care. Medical coding is helpful in the following ways:

  • Cost saving- One of the most crucial benefits of medical coding is increased cost savings if outsourced. It helps in minimizing office and employee expenses. Employee a team of coders can be more expensive rather than outsourcing.  
  • Patient Satisfaction- Medical coding facilitates simplified medical billing that helps them understand their bills easily. It balances satisfied patient rates and increases revenue as patients pay their bills quickly.
  • Data security- Medical coders are liable to handle and manage critical patient information. Skilled and professional medical coders will always ensure patient data is secured and correctly coded.

VLMS Global Healthcare’s medical coding balances your RCM 

VLMS Global Healthcare has the most advanced & up-to-date coding technology and solutions. Our medical coding creates a balance in your medical billing process, ultimately streamlining your revenue cycle management. We have a team of AAPC & AHIMA certified coders that works with high quality and helps you to focus on your additional tasks. Collaborate with us for simplified yet profitable medical coding services. 

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