The Future Role of Medical Coding in Healthcare

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  • Monday 19th December 2022
The Future Role of Medical Coding in Healthcare VLMS Healthcare

Healthcare industry is always changing at a constant pace. In the United States, the healthcare sector has witnessed various changes. The shift from the fee-for-service approach to the value-based care model was motivated by the impression that there was no link between healthcare expenditures and quality.Several challenges such as declining reimbursement rates, the high cost of hospital care service because of the increased cost of supplied due to covid and the high resignation leading to a hyper situation for the decision makers in healthcare. Hospital margins have witnessed the lowest margins in the last 20 years. However, they are having trouble hiring both clinical and administrative staff.

Medical billers and coders are the backbone of any complex reimbursement process. The medical coders experts play a crucial role by serving as the common language for healthcare providers and payers and they also adhere to the rules and regulations of reimbursement. This is why medical coders are always in high demand. On the contrary, medical billers work on revenue cycle processes and management such as submission of claims, patient experience and denials management. Medical coding is the foundational domain for establishing quality of care. For several years, there will be a shortage of qualified healthcare administrators, and medical billing and coding are attractive professions. This blog will highlight the value of medical coding, the opportunities of career it offers and how it plays a keen role in quality of care. 

The basics of coding

Medical coding is the translation of medical terms, diagnoses and procedures into industry related standard codes. These industry standard codes are the common language between payers and healthcare providers. For healthcare payers, this process is crucial to understand the illness or disease the patient has and the procedure or treatment given by the medical practitioner. Payers have a set amount of payment for specific operations and conditions. Medical coding is an extremely specialised area needing extensive training and certifications since it necessitates a mastery of medical terminology.

Significance of medical coding

Medical coding may be a useful tool for determining the calibre of medical treatment given in addition to compensation. We examine some of the elements that make medical coding procedures essential to the future of healthcare delivery and crucial to it:

  • The need for medical care, particularly for chronic medical disorders, will increase as the US population ages.
  • Medical coders and billers are in more demand since there is a greater need for medical services.
  • Over the past few years, medical care payments have decreased from healthcare insurance. They typically do this by rejecting claims that do not have the proper medical codes. The proper medical codes may be assigned by proficient medical coders, improving first-pass resolution rates and speeding up cash flow.
  • The intricacy of medical coding has risen due to the growth of telemedicine, hospitals in the home, and preventative care, necessitating the use of specialist coders who are up to speed on the most recent standards.
  • Value-based care is predicated on the idea that medical codes may define the standard of treatment and qualify for government programme incentives.


Careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in Medical Coding

With prospects for advancement into management and leadership positions in the revenue cycle sector, medical coding positions provide an excellent career. While jobs in medical billing and coding are well paid, the prospects in the latter are more profitable due to the need for specialised knowledge and certification. Because of the fierce competition for talent, many businesses provide remote working choices and flexible work hours.

The revenue cycle industry presents company owners with a long-term chance to create successful enterprises since there will be a large rise in the need for medical billing and coding expertise over time. Additionally, some businesses with forward-thinking are starting to provide computer-aided and automated coding solutions.

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