Top 4 Frequent Medical Coding Errors and How to Avoid Them

  • Written by Ashley Mark
  • Tuesday 3rd January 2023
Top 4 Frequent Medical Coding Errors and How to Avoid Them VLMS Healthcare

It is impossible to overlook mistakes because they are a natural part of life. Even if there aren't any errors, it still indicates that you haven't done anything novel. When it comes to medical coding, it is very obvious that mistakes may be made. One or two errors are acceptable and even typical in medical coding. In such circumstances, there are two possible outcomes: either you become depressed about it or you draw a lesson from it and attempt to prevent it by trying high-quality coding.

Mistake 1

Not using the highest level of specificity

This is a significant factor in insurance companies rejecting claims. In general, your codes are too vague. If a treatment or service line is not recorded in the eyes of the payer/insurance company, you cannot code it. Therefore, ensure that the diagnosis is accurately recorded and classified using the code's greatest level of specificity (i.e. maximum number of digits). Include the type of fracture, for instance, when coding a fracture. 

Mistake 2

Irrelevant or poor documentation

In light of the prior error, documentation is essential for medical coding. Insurance companies may reject claims for a lack of detail, yes, but they will reject codes for processes or service lines that aren't recorded more rapidly. Don't be afraid to ask the doctor and have the issue rectified if the treatment or service line isn't listed.

Mistake 3

Using obsolete coding sets

Another error that novice medical coders frequently do is neglecting to employ up-to-date or current code sets. To perform your duties effectively, make sure you are receiving the most recent code sets, which providers are required to acquire on an annual basis. Although you're not directly to blame for this error, you can take action to correct it.

Mistake 4

Under or extraordinary coding

The purpose is to increase the accuracy of medical coding. To assist you to avoid over- or under-coding your service lines, some software is available to you. Never put too much faith in your memories or skills. Utilize the program!

These are but a few typical errors that medical coders make. Get in contact with the professionals at VLMS Global Healthcare to review your medical coding skills.

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