5 Effective Methods to Boost Patient Experience

  • Written by Ashley Mark
  • Thursday 5th January 2023
5 Effective Methods to Boost Patient Experience VLMS Healthcare

Just like the way customer experience is crucial for any business, similarly, patient experience is equally important for any healthcare service provider. Patient experience is the engagement of patients with physicians, healthcare practitioners and the staff. It is the process of interaction and how the interactions are perceived. However, some healthcare service providers utilize patient experience software to treat and connect with patients gracefully and respectfully. 

Healthcare services are witnessing huge transformations and the focus is on value based care. Therefore, healthcare providers are expected to offer more services as compared to earlier. Previously, it was all about the infrastructure and location, but today everything is about the quality of care and customer service. 

5 seamless tricks to improve patient experience

Trick 1- Focus on a patient based rounding approach

An effective patient rounding technique can help in treating diseases and illnesses on time and even can prevent it. Installing and utilization of effective patient rounding systems can actually help in improving patient care. 

Healthcare providers must interact with each patient individually and provide them the chance to voice any concerns or inquiries they may have regarding their care. These problems and questions need to be resolved quickly and expertly. In order to track and enhance the patient's experience over time, they should also be documented.

Trick 2- Ensure that patients are involved in care planning

Even in situations where a caretaker isn't speaking with patients directly, there is always a chance to improve their experience. During waiting room hours, use questionnaires to learn about patient experiences and one-on-one conversations with patients and families. Speaking with your patients provides you the opportunity to empower them to change things in addition to providing the knowledge needed to identify the areas that need improvement. It could serve as a significant inducement for patients to get involved in their medical treatment. The amount of time that patients must wait after an appointment is their most common complaint. A tried-and-true technique for cutting down on perceived waiting time is the use of digital television screens.

Trick 3- Employ survey tool to analyze patient satisfaction

It is amazing to hear patients through surveys. This is the most effective way to monitor patient feedback about healthcare service quality. These surveys are really helpful to gain a full analysis of patient experience. With this healthcare providers can improve their shortcomings. 

Trick 4- Make enhanced communication at every stage

When the patient makes an appointment, you may use the opportunity to improve interaction. It is possible to reaffirm the options for parking and transit or outline the steps they must take. By using customer relationship management platforms and electronic health records software, you may streamline this procedure.

Trick 5- Keep the facility neat and tidy

Cleanliness is the major factor which can impact patient traffic and experience. Make sure that waiting rooms, floors, wards, procedure rooms and all other things are clean. Specially focus on washrooms and reception as this cannot be ignored by patients. If there are any smells in the doctor's room or wards, make sure they are cleaned accordingly. For this, a cleaning staff has to be hired specially for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the facility. 

Wrapping up 

These were the five techniques to enhance patient experience. Following these tricks can help any facility to achieve a great patient traffic. VLMS Global Healthcare offers a great system that helps in efficient patient registration, a sophisticated patient experience and many other benefits. 

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