Ensuring Robust Cybersecurity in Your PHI Plan

  • Written by Ashley Mark
  • Friday 13th January 2023
Ensuring Robust Cybersecurity in Your PHI Plan VLMS Healthcare

HIPAA mandates that medical practitioners adopt all appropriate safeguards to protect patient’s protected health information (PHI).

Many professionals are unaware that procurement strategy is part of this. PHI is within your control. If additional protective measures were offered, you may be held liable if one of your software providers experiences a data security incident.

In the last few years, cyber threats have rapidly grown in both quantity and sophistication. Here are two strategies for lowering your PHI compliance risk and ensuring the safety of your medical practice:

Switch to the cloud-based management platform

PHI is present practically everywhere in conventional medical practice, but it should never be on your local servers since doing so makes them an easy target for data breaches.

This is resolved by cloud systems, which operate on the security protection and encrypt PHI behind several firewalls (for layered protection). Because private data is better secured from threats, Fortune 500 firms, prominent banks, financial systems, and infrastructure grids all employ cloud computing.

Go for providers with SOC2 Certification

The SOC2 certification measures a vendor's commitment to superiority in the monitoring system, encrypted control, vulnerability scanning, access control authorization, and recovery procedures. It is the standard method in data protection. You may be certain that a vendor takes security seriously if they have received SOC2 accreditation since they can safeguard equally your most confidential material (PHI) and your doctor's identity and practice finances.

The concept of HIPAA requires that practices look for suppliers who have SOC2 certification since they are readily available in order to safeguard PHI and reduce risk from today's advanced threats.

We have gone above and above to get an independent certification of our SOC2 compliance since data security is such a crucial component of our goal to safeguard confidential practice information. Because we sincerely believe that credibility must be earned, our team and bigger clients can rest easy knowing that they may continue to work with us in the future. 

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